6 Must-Have Cookbooks

One of my favorite things to collect are coffee table books. I can’t get enough of how beautiful they are, but the best part to me is finding one that is a reflection of who I am and what I love. Now that I’ll have my own home, I’m hoping to add some cookbooks to the collection as well. I’ve spent my fair share of time flipping through these books in bookstores and finally decided to go ahead and order a few – so I wanted to share my favorites with you!



Love & Lemons, Jeanine Donofrio – I’ve been following Jeanine for quite some time now, so when her book came out, I had to jump on it. It’s equally as beautiful as it is stocked with delicious recipes!



Collards & Carbonara, Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman – I was inspired to buy this one after reading Hal’s post yesterday!! I’m so excited to give some of Andrew & Michael’s recipes a shot. Not only does this book remind me of Memphis, but it also takes me back to some of my favorite eats in the city. After all, what could be better than bringing Hog & Hominy or Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen into your own home?!



Cravings, Chrissy Teigen – Is anyone not following Chrissy Teigen at this point?! Chrissy is hilarious – and her humor is reflected in her recipes. You won’t find any stuffy instructions or methods in this book, but I can promise you’ll be laughing as you cook!



Everyday SuperFood, Jamie Oliver – Jamie Oliver is just. the. best. His recipes are consistently amazing and he does so much good in the food world. He’ll make you want to cook dinner for yourself every night, because there just aren’t enough days in the week to try all his delicious meals! Also try: His apps

Morning Glory’s Farm Food, Gabrielle Redner – If you tried the Morning Glory Zucchini Bread recipe I posted a while back, you know this cookbook is a must have. This one is special for me because it represents one of my favorite places on earth, Martha’s Vineyard. It also takes me back to days of riding bikes over to the farm in the morning to pick up a warm, freshly baked breakfast and enjoying it against the backdrop of the breathtaking Vineyard beaches.

Do you have any cookbooks that bring back memories of your favorite times or places? So excited to continue sharing my favorite cookbooks & coffee table books with you all.


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